Alicia Machado confirms romance and her fans worry

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Alicia Machado is going through an excellent time both in her work and personal life. She was crowned the winner of the famous Telemundo reality show La Casa de los Famosos, and not only did she win a dollar prize, but she also left the confinement with a new partner.

The former Miss Universe is enjoying love with Roberto Romano, her confinement partner for three months, and has not tried to hide her relationship from anyone.

For thanksgiving, she participated in a special dinner at a nursing home, to which she arrived accompanied, to thank her elderly followers for all the love and support they have given her. On the occasion, Machado was serving the grandparents with great affection and was moved to tears, but the first turkey dish he served was for his beloved Roberto Romano.
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For his part, in a publication that was uploaded to his Instagram last week, the 32-year-old former ice hockey goalie made it clear that he is happy after seeing how his life has changed after participating in the Telemundo reality show.

“It is true that things happen for a reason, and I say it because this latest project in which I had the honor of participating #lacasadelosfamosos @telemundo @telemundorealities, came to change my life in every way. It has been the strongest thing I have experienced in my life, being isolated from the outside world and living with strangers is not an easy thing, but at the same time it was what I needed to be able to return to me, to my center, to trust me, to believe in me, and to know that everything happens in this life, the good and the bad. Remember that after the storm comes calm. And nothing … I am very happy for these positive changes in my life, “he wrote.

During this weekend the location that the pair of lovebirds chose to shout to the world that they are together was a beach, as far as they went to relax. “The destinies of lovers will always coincide in time and space. Don’t put too much mind into life and let yourself go! Blessed Sunday! ”, Wrote the former beauty queen next to a photo that uploaded of both very hugged.

Romano immediately responded to the post with a comment to complement which poet. “And so flow, where no one can go!” He wrote, showing that they are both on the same page.

And while Machado, 45, flows through the networks of love, many of his followers show concern, since they do not want to see their queen suffer.

“Noooo! Well, each one, you will know with whom to spend your prize. Roberto only wants $ ”,“ Alicia can’t you be alone for a while? That guy doesn’t love you. Open your eyes “,” I hope you get over that little pleasure that you are giving yourself quickly “,” You deserve someone better, I hope you don’t keep it. “

“In love? By God, he said that he only approaches you because it suits him in his career hahaha ”,“ Spending the prize to suggest mommy ”, and“ Example that women like you @machadooficial cling to those who treat them badly! ”, They were some of the comments left by his followers. Is it true love?

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