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El Cholo did not grow up in the bowels of Alianza, but he is the most fervent fan. He was present in Matute in the achievement of the 2022 League 1 title and now he would be moving everything to dress in white and blue next year. “Cueva wants to play the Libertadores with Alianza”Confirm us a journalist who covers the Victorian club 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“There is an agreement between Christian and Alianza Lima. In that aspect, there is no problem. Now, everything will depend on Al Fateh. The player is looking to talk with his club to convince them. But his intention, his wish, is to play for La Victoria next year. It is estimated that before the end of the year or at the beginning of the next, an answer will be known”Add.

The fall of the signing of Lucas Menossi was a hard blow for the club. His arrival closed a perfect pass market in which they have already hired Gabriel Costa, Bryan Reina, Jesus Castlethe Argentinian santiago garcia (central) and the Colombian Pablo sabbag (Forward).

However, a possible arrival of Cave I would not change the plans they have in Matute: they do need one more foreign reinforcement. And the indicated position is the midfield to complete the trident next to Josepmir Ballon Y Jairo Concha.

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Is Felipe Gutiérrez an option?

In recent days, the name of the Chilean, Philip Gutierrez, champion of America with his team in 2015, began to sound loud in the streets of La Victoria. The memory of his best years excited some fans who demanded the arrival of a midfielder of the quality of Menossi or that he approach the Argentine with good football skills.

“Until the end of 2019, he played in Major League Soccer, but an injury sidelined him for a year. There he returned to the U. Católica physically diminished, but technically intact. He has a very fine left foot, one of the best in Chile.but his physique does not achieve the intensity that Ariel Holan (the ‘Crusaders’ coach) seems to be looking for”tells us from the southern country, director of the party outlet

Felipe Gutiérrez was part of the American champion squad in 2015.

Felipe Gutiérrez was part of the American champion squad in 2015.

According to information from vilasaualso contracted with Gerson Cuba and what they told us from Lima Alliance, Gutiérrez was an offer; However, the sports area, led by José Bellina, decided not to continue with the talks because they determined that he was not a player who followed the guidelines of coach Guillermo Salas.

There is still no fixed name on the third and last foreigner that Alianza Lima will sign. But there is still hope that it will arrive too Carlos Zambrano. The Peruvian central defender is training with Boca Juniorsa club with which he has a contract until the end of the year, but has not yet renewed his bond.

While, Sergio Pena It was probed a few weeks ago, but for now everything was there. The 27-year-old national midfielder could change teams (he does not have a good time at Malmö in Sweden) although he would continue abroad.

The days go by, Alianza continues in pre-season, but the fan’s Christmas wish -and the one he will ask for again at midnight on December 31- is that the arrivals of Cave, Zambrano and a foreigner of quality. In La Victoria the objective is the three-time championship.

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