Alfaro: “I know that if I go I will leave a better selection than before”

Gustavo Alfaro, DT of the Ecuadorian soccer team, spoke with the media and referred to the work he has done in the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation since he arrived in the country.

«I arrived and there was no role, there was no follow-up to a player. And I’m not talking about infrastructure, I’m talking about specific selection work. I had to arrive in September to play in October. But I have lived from this for 30 years and I worked on it for 16 years, I know what it sells. I know how it is that they change a phrase of a DT to generate controversy, “he said.

Immediately, he added: “But I know that when I leave after this tie I will leave a better team than before. If that happens, there will be a report, a scouting of many followers that exist abroad; also analysis of the rivals, and not only tactically. There is a study of states of physical form since they arrived until they left, how they have been developing and leveling in a first level football. We are going to leave a lot of things.

Afterwards, Alfaro pointed out: “Many at the beginning did not believe that we would be capable of going to a World Cup; However, we arrived and there was a connection with the players and we are fighting to qualify. Many believed that this was going to be a transitional process. The idea is that Ecuador always plays as equals with other countries. I have a very strong communion with the players ».

«There are many criticisms and questions, but everyone has the right to have an opinion. But many players are under 23 years old, little experience; even so, Ecuador is fighting in the top 5 and has remained that way throughout much of the playoff process. ” Alfaro sentenced.

Note of: Victor Loor Bonilla

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