Alexis Vega is better Cabecita Rodríguez’; Carrillo minimizes his signing

Alexis Vega is better Cabecita Rodríguez';  Carrillo minimizes his signing

Alexis Vega is better Cabecita Rodríguez’; Carrillo minimizes his signing

During the program ESPN, Spicy Soccer, analyst and former Coach of Liga MX, Mario Carrillo, minimized the signing of Eagles of Club América with Jonathan Rodríguez, ensuring that the little head was below the level of the striker of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Alexis Vega, so he did not understand the hubbub for his return to Mexican Soccer.

According to the former coach of the Eagles of Americathe Flock player is much more complete than the former Cruz Azul and Santos, so he sees Vega above Rodríguez in terms of soccer level.

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“Alexis is more than ‘Cabecita’, by far, in everything!” assured Carrillo, assuring that Alexis Vega “is more complete, more skillful, with more possibilities, with more football”.

Carrillo’s comments came in response to what Álvaro Morales expressed, ironically about the bad step that the charrúa had at Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia where he scored 1 goal in 8 games.

However, at the analysis table they reminded him that Cabecita Rodríguez scored more than 40 goals during his time at Cruz Azul, a period in which Vega went almost unnoticed with Chivas, to which Carrillo could only respond with “sometimes that’s the way it is.” goalscorer, sometimes he catches on”.

Carillo’s words were joined by Rafa Puente and Jorge Pietrasanta, who replied to what Capello said, assuring that Grú is much more complete than Cabecita, since he is a ‘great player’.

“I agree: ‘Cabecita’ seems like a great player to me, but Alexis Vega is very complete. He is a great player. In general terms he is better, because he is more complete, ”said Pietra.

“Without a doubt, Alexis is better than ‘Cabecita’. They are both very good players, but Alexis is more complete, a better footballer”, said Guama Puente.

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