Alexa Dellanos dazzles by showing off her rear and belly in a tight lingerie set

The model Alexa dellanos He continues to cause a stir with each of his publications, because this time he has been seen in a sensual and tiny outfit that has left many breathless.

It has been through her Instagram account that the blonde has delighted her millions of followers with a couple of photos that leave little to the imagination because of the little fabric that covers her voluptuous charms.

She can be seen sitting on a sofa wearing a green lingerie set that enhances her attributes, specifically her rear and her mini waist, which have always been the subject of conversation among her more than 5 million followers.

With her long blonde hair, a flirty look and smile that conquer the hearts of those who enjoy it, this is how the journalist’s daughter Myrka dellanos It has been climbing in popularity within the social network, until it has become a benchmark in terms of sensuality.

The 27-year-old girl is always used to keeping her loyal fans aware of her activities through her networks, where she shares about her sexy photo shoots, trips to paradisiacal locations and a life of luxury that she always enjoys to the fullest. .

Her adored fans have always been in charge of sending her creative compliments, always flattering her great beauty that they like so much.

Princess“,”Beautifull“,”Simply divine“,”The sexiest goddess in the universe”Were some of the outstanding compliments that users of the social network sent him.

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Wearing tight black leggings, Alexa Dellanos is shown in the gym exercising her rear

Alexa Dellanos leaves her fans breathless by showing off as a goddess in a tiny and low-cut outfit

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