Alex Rodríguez sells a mansion he shared with Jennifer López in Miami

The break between celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez It was not only loving. Although when announcing the separation last April they affirmed to be in “good terms”, apparently each one is gradually leaving their business in common, as a “cross and line”.

The reason is that it has been revealed that the former Yankee sold a mansion in Miami that he came to share briefly with his “Macha”, as he called the actress, in 6.3 million dollars.

According to information from The New York Post portal, Alex spent $ 5.5 million in April for an investment property in Miami just before his split with Jennifer Lopez.

The mansion closed on April 9 and with a real estate team was put up for sale on April 26, almost 10 days after the former couple officially announced the separation.

The home, located in Bay Point, finally sold on December 6 for $ 6.3 million. This marks the highest canal sale on record in Bay Point’s history, reports the NY Post.

“We have realized that we are better as friends and we hope to continue being that,” the two revealed on April 15 in a joint statement on NBC’s “Today” show.

And they affirmed that “we will continue working together and supporting each other in our shared businesses and projects. We wish each other the best for each other and for each other’s children. “

This was not fulfilled, because in September several sources close to the “Diva of the Bronx” reported that she was withdrawing from the businesses she shared with ARod.

According to the US Weekly portal, the interpreter of “The ring” was at that time in talks with his lawyers to break the commercial partnership he created with the former baseball player.

López “is analyzing the possibility of selling the shares that correspond to him in his businesses, or buying the shares of ARod.”

In terms of love, the businessman has been linked to some famous women, but it has not been confirmed.

While the actors Ben Affleck and JLo, nicknamed the Bennifer, resumed their courtship 17 years later. Their romance began in the early 2000s and ended when he was one step away from the altar.

On July 24, on her 52-year-old birthday, she confirmed her romance with the Batman actor in the middle of a passionate kiss.

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