Alessandra Rosaldo thus revealed that she has had health problems

During a chat with Karla Diaz on his YouTube show ‘Pinky Promise’, Alessandra rosaldo She opened her coat and confessed that during the last year she has had health problems that have taken her from worry to exhaustion.

With tears, the singer of Sentidos Opuestos confessed: “I have never said openly that the last year of my life for me has been very strong because I have experienced physical discomforts and symptoms for the first time that I had never experienced before, and I have been very scared and I have thought that I am going to die and I have not been well, but I am already better “.

He even detailed: “All these first months of 2021, boy, scare after scare, then it has been very strong, but I’m fine. Blessed God, I have always enjoyed perfect health and I have always felt good and when suddenly you start to feel good. feel bad, very bad, because you get scared ”.

Of course, he says there is nothing to worry about further: “Fortunately I have nothing serious but I have lived many very strong months, of anguish and worry. And also of exhaustion. You go from ‘oh, you bastard, I had not felt this’ , scared, getting used to living like this, and again. But don’t stain, it’s horrible. “

“I’m fine, I’m checking myself,” said Alessandra, but reflected that it is not only physical, but a mixture of situations.

“I think my case is a jumble of things, it is physical, absolutely physical, but it is also emotional, but it is also the stage of life I am in, the hormonal process because of my age, obviously. It is a jumble of many things. and the ball joined me and then it was not pretty. I am aware that it is a process “.


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