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    The problem with mice in Rome, the capital of Italy, has been going on for 10 years. In 2013, the city invested 400,000 euros in the fight against rats. But the measures taken did not scare away the hardy animals; In November 2014, Rome’s Court of Appeal hearings were suspended due to a burglary, and last month, 10 to 20 rats were seen in the Trevi Fountain every night.

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    In the past week, the problem has reached chronic proportions. The sighting of rats downtown, sometimes in large groups, even in broad daylight, has sparked panic over the impact on local businesses, the impact on the city’s image, and the potential health risks the animals pose.

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    The owner of a restaurant in the historic center of Rome, close to the tourist attraction Piazza Navona, said: “On Saturday night, the whole street was infested with rats. We were afraid to go outside. We kept a close eye on the entrances. closed due to concerns that animals might enter the restaurant.” said.

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    Last weekend, the bakery closed early at 8 p.m. due to concerns that nocturnal rodents might break into the store after dark.

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    “In addition, I helped a woman who is very afraid of rats to cross the street. There were dozens of rats, and they ate garbage without disturbing us, and we watched them in amazement,” says the owner of the store, Marko. He said.

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    “They have assured us that the entire area will be cleared of rats as soon as possible, but we believe that the problem is really huge. They come out through holes in the paving stones and through cracks in the buildings,” Marco said. said.

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    On the other hand, it is impossible to know exactly how many mice live in Rome, but the newspaper La Repubblica claims that the number of rodents could be over six million.

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