after the landslide in Maurienne, the A43 motorway will be closed until at least noon Friday, rail traffic is still interrupted

Since the cliff is still unstable, traffic is blocked on the highway, as well as on a secondary road. Rail service also remains interrupted.


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Spectacular landslide in Maurienne on August 27, 2023.  (CLEMENT BON / TWITTER)

The A43 motorway will be closed until at least noon Friday after a spectacular landslide in the Maurienne Valley in Savoy, France. Bleu Pays de Savoie was informed about this by the Prefecture of Savoy, which held a press briefing in Modan on Tuesday 29 August.

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The return to normal life will be a long one after a landslide hit on Sunday afternoon at the level of the La Praz cliff in Le Fresny, which required the closure of the A43 motorway in both directions. The Prefecture of Savoy has announced that it will not open until Friday at the commune level of Fresney. Departmental Department 1006 also remains cut off from traffic.

3000 m3 rocks are still unstable

According to representatives of the department, ten thousand cubic meters of rock fell on the road and railway on Sunday. In addition, 3000 m3 of rocks are unstable on the rock. Therefore, departmental road 1006 must remain closed for several weeks. As for the A43, the prefecture is awaiting the results of a new examination on Thursday evening.

With regard to train traffic, the opening of the line between France and Italy will also take a long time. As for the roads, the first thing to do would be to secure the rock.

On a small road in Saint-Andre, RD 215, there is a detour for cars. It will run until at least Thursday. Trucks will have to pass through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, which is heavily trafficked as the Fréjus Tunnel is forbidden to them, as are local detours.

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