After the Keen’V concert fiasco, the city of Marmande offers its “most sincere apologies”.

Marmanda is a mess. What should have been a popular party turned out to be a flop on Friday, July 21, 2023 at Filhole Plain.

Concerts organized by the city attracted several thousand people, but the headliner of the evening, Keen’V, disappeared after a short half-hour performance, during which the breaks lasted as long as the songs.

Annoyed by repeated breakdowns in the sound system and lighting system, the singer from Rouen, after five songs, went backstage without saying goodbye, and the evening was interrupted.

City causes ‘unexpected moment’

In a post posted the next day on Facebook, the city of Marmande presented “We offer our most sincere apologies for the technical incident that interrupted the evening of the concert”.

Host city calls “unexpected moment” and shares the disappointment of the Marmandais audience, praising the professionalism of the programmed artists, including Keen’V.

“The technical decision was made within the time frame, which, unfortunately, did not allow Keen’V to continue the concert.adds the city of Marmande. We have already begun reflections to understand the exact reasons for what happened, so that this does not happen again. »

Keen’V in columns, “failure of taste”

The post on Facebook provoked a strong reaction. While some internet users regret the lack of communication that same evening, others “the frenzied desire of people to continue having fun despite the incident”.

“Everyone was disappointed”commented by a viewer who came with his family, who regrets “lack of taste”with a scatter “past breakdown”Keen’V’s songs in the columns led some viewers to believe that the artist had returned to the stage.

Some Marmandans also hope that Keen’V will return in the flesh in a few months. Since his video message was broadcast on the night of Friday to Saturday on Instagram, the translator showed the phone Horizontally did not consider his hasty departure.

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