After Taking Forbidden Steps Chiquis Runs out of Air and Blames the Weight

“You lack diet”, in one of her shows, Chiquis Rivera was very happy and brought out her best dance steps, which left her unable to sing

The beautiful band singer put herself in the eye of the hurricane after sharing with everyone a presentation that became unforgettable, as she made her fans dance and sing with her peculiar style.

Chiquis Rivera caused controversy by dancing and running out of air in this live show that he performed in the United States because when he performed a ‘twerking’, agitated term and in full presentation, he could not resume the song, ‘Completely’, unleashing madness among all those who saw the video that right now is crossing borders.

Last weekend Lupillo Rivera’s niece appeared in Fort Worth Texas at the event ‘El bueno, La Mala y El Feo Fest 2021’, where criticism was the order of the day thanks to the fact that she took out her forbidden steps, which left her suffocated.

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It is well known by all that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter always puts herself in the eye of the hurricane, and she has a unique style to attract attention, and this time she was no exception.  

In her performance, she danced and sang, showing her best skills, which left her breathless and many fans blamed her weight for her lack of condition.

You lack diet!

Sing horrible.

The video in which Lorenzo Méndez’s ex throws herself to the floor and does a daring dance that circulates on social networks is full of criticism and negative comments, as the famous woman said I’m flying and bent down to show her rear angle to the assistants.   

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The businesswoman also wore latex-type pants that fit perfectly to her pronounced curves, which she left exposed to fall in love with, while with that loose and colorful top she gave a more daring touch to the outfit that put her in the spotlight.

Regardless of what they will say, Chiquis exposed himself with these rapturous movements and unleashed a wave of intense reactions and his detractors were immediately present to criticize his physical appearance.   

The weight does not let her catch air.

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