After seeing ‘Bullet Train’ now I understand that even Marvel wants Bad Bunny

Brad Pitt is not the only great star of Bullet Train. In his cast we also find charismatic faces such as Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon or Logan Lerman. But if there is a name that attracts attention among his secondary, it is that of the singer badbunny, that after working on series like Narcos: Mexico and have cameos in tapes like Fast & Furious 9now comes through the front door to this action thriller playing one of the hit men in this adrenaline-pumping story.

And it is not because his character has an important relevance in the plot, since his appearance is limited to the sequence that we saw in the trailers and a small flashback, but because the Puerto Rican artist shows off his a skillful screen presence that makes his next moves in the seventh art perfectly understandable, where his jump to the world of Marvel playing one of his villains is included.

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny in Bullet Train (Photo: Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures)

Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny in Bullet Train (Photo: Scott Garfield/Sony Pictures)

Bad Bunny plays Lobo, a murderer who, after seeing how his wife was murdered on their wedding day, swore revenge against Mariquita, the pseudonym of the character played by Brad Pitt. Fate makes them both coincide in this bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Morioka, giving game to a brutal battle between the two where the singer shows that he has a lot of material beyond music. All this combat is an exhibition of pure charisma and intensity where he manages to show off to the fullest, making it clear that the action and interpretation is a challenge for those who measure up more than enough.

Although it is a brief scene, I think it has served to make Sony, the producer in charge of Bullet Train, which deserves more than mere cameos. Hence, last April, after the company reconsidered the future of its universe related to Spider-Man after the failure of Morbius, decided that Bad Bunny was a strong and safe bet to expand his Marvel franchises. Specific, it was announced that he would play a villain known as El Muertoa character with Latin roots who would become part of the saga made up of VenomJared Leto’s Vampire or upcoming titles like madam web with Dakota Johnson.

At the time, when the news was released, It seemed to me like another leap into the void by Sony in their desperate attempt to emulate Disney’s Marvel universe with the Spider-Man characters they have access to.. But neither the villain seemed interesting to me nor did Bad Bunny seem like an appropriate option, because, beyond not being the result of my devotion to music, it seemed like a meaningless strategy to take advantage of his enormous media pull. And it is that, as much as he swept the charts, he was not an actor. And we have already seen many catastrophic results of wanting to take advantage of musical stars in movies without valuing their acting abilities, as in the case of Britney Spears with cross roads or Christina Aguilera in burlesque.

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But view Bullet Train I am sure that we will not be faced with a similar case. Although his sequence in the film does not play to see him unfold dramatically, by being so skillful with action, proving to be pure charisma and even eating Brad Pitt with his presence, I am very clear that he is an ideal option to play a superhero of Marvel whose main virtue is going to be spectacularity and grandiloquence. In fact, I even think that he can be the ace up Sony’s sleeve to consolidate its universe of villains, which, beyond the success of Venomdoesn’t seem to have many options to highlight.

In the end, a superstar like Bad Bunny can help them weave an interesting character, manage to attract new audiences to these blockbusters and give a fresh air to a saga that is crying out for it, because, as it was well demonstrated Morbiushis superhero productions differ little from the disasters we saw in the 2000s like Daredevil or Elektra.

Even The question remains of how he will unfold being the main protagonist of an entire feature filmBecause we’ve only seen him in small cameo appearances so far, and tackling a big-budget production as the lead singer can be a very different challenge. But if he demonstrates just a minimum of the enjoyment he has offered us in Bullet Train It will be enough for him to write his name in Hollywood, make us have a good time and expand his unstoppable career to new horizons.

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