After Heatstroke, Young Construction Worker Dies in Mazatlan

24-year-old Raúl died instantly while working in construction in the town of Mazatlán after the heatstroke that occurred in the port

The news broke that a young man of only 24 years old was working on a construction site in the port of Mazatlán, vanished and was later transferred to receive medical attention.

According to information from the newspaper El Debate, it is reported that the construction worker died as a result of the heatstroke that has occurred in the city since temperatures have been above 40 ° C.

The news caused an impact after the young man was transferred to receive medical attention and onboard the ambulance he, unfortunately, suffered a cardiac arrest, while the paramedics did the same to keep him safe, but it was impossible.

The incident occurred around 11:50 in the morning where it was recorded that the young man had fallen from the fifth floor of construction in the golden zone, for which the presence of the emergency bodies was quickly requested.

Firefighters and Paramedics from the Mazatlán Red Cross arrived at the construction area and found the young man lying unconscious, he was instantly transferred to the hospital after giving him first aid.

The young man named Raúl ‘N’ was taken to receive medical attention to the Social Security of the port, but on the way, he died as a result of a cardiac arrest that caused the same impact of falling from the fifth floor.

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