After announcing her retirement from acting, Sandra Bullock reappears on networks without makeup

After announcing her retirement from acting, Sandra Bullock reappears on networks without makeup

Sandra Bullock has managed to dazzle us in each of the films that she has had to star in. Since she established herself as a Hollywood star, we have always seen her as perfect and we have come to imagine her as an unattainable being. But the truth is that behind all her makeup there is a more than beautiful mother.

Away from the spotlight, Sandra Bullock dedicates her life to motherhood. She adopted Louis and Laila a long time ago after years of failing to do so naturally. The arrival of her children not only changed her life, but also her way of thinking. It is that she announced her retirement to spend more time with them.

This is how Sandra Bullock looks natural and from her home

Sandra Bullock was seen in a recent interview between home. The actress surprised her followers by revealing her face without a drop of makeup. Far from looking emaciated, she looked splendid, enjoying this facet of hers even more than her acting.

“This woman is so naturally beautiful”, “Sandra doesn’t look almost 60 years old, she looks beautiful and perfect”, “she looks prettier natural than with makeup”, “what a beautiful and perfect woman, she is the best mom” , and “I love how simple it looks”, were just some of the comments from Sandra Bullock’s followers on social networks.

Bullock once again received hundreds of compliments and along with her friend Jennifer Aniston. Sitting on a piece of furniture in her house and with her hair disheveled, the star made it clear that she only needs her children to look this radiant at 58 years old. In the postcard she was seen helping her children to paint pumpkins for Halloween and she once again showed that she is the perfect mother without makeup.

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