After 18 years, Luba Krbova leaves the series “Street” – Ž

For a long eighteen years, actress Lyuba Krbova appeared on television five times a week as one of the main characters of the endless series “Street”. But now it’s over. “I asked the scriptwriters to give me a freer regime for a while, when I have more time for my theatrical projects,” Krbova admitted.

However, she immediately reassured the fans that she would definitely not get into the popular project. “But since I know our writers, they will definitely come up with a strong story, and I will be back in the studio almost every day. And I am happy,” the actress added.

Her words are confirmed by Nova TV products. “The fact that Anichka leaves the bistro and Peshka’s house does not mean that she will disappear from the eyes of the audience forever,” says creative producer Sylvia Klasova. “She continues the story. She is an integral part of the story of the extraordinary husband and wife Eva (Wanda Gibnerova) and Milos (Jiri Strebl) Knoblochova, who will soon appreciate her selfless friendship and support.”

In addition to working in the theater, Krbova also loves to travel and take pictures. These are her two biggest hobbies, which she skillfully combined. The actress has already exhibited photos from her exotic travels several times.

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