AFIP auctions iPhones, computers and PlayStations: how to participate

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will carry out from next Thursday two online auctions of electronic products that were seized in different situations by customs.

Among the products that Due to delay, confiscation or abandonment, they were made available to the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) are PlayStations consoles, iPhones, computers and smart watches, among others.

The first auction will take place on Thursday, December 2 and will feature video games and joysticks for the Sony console. While the second will be held on Thursday, December 9, cameras, high-end cell phones, smart watches, tablets and notebooks will be offered.

All the products are found in different customs offices in the northeast region and from the AFIP they reported that the merchandise that the DGA offers at auction is all that which cannot be donated and must be delivered to free up space in the different warehouses.


As announced by AFIP, the PlayStation 3 will start from a base of $ 8,400 while the 4 will make it for $ 40,000, although there are also lots of 10 consoles from $ 400,000 and even 40 consoles from 1,600,000 pesos.

Console joysticks can also be found in lots of 100 starting at $ 240,000 and lots of 50 games on CD starting at $ 25,000. Meanwhile, portable Playstations start at 2,000 pesos.

Among the products to be auctioned are high-end cell phones such as Apple iPhones. In this framework, you can buy lots of two iPhone XR with a base price of $ 126,400 and another lot of three cell phones of the same brand models XR, 7 Plus and X, with a base price of 168,800 pesos.

While among the notebooks, Apple’s Macbook Air stand out. For example, an AIR 13 model starts at 65,000 pesos.

How to take part

In order to participate in the online auctions, you must access the Banco Ciudad website, where you can see the merchandise of the different lots with the base price and a description of each of them on the Ciudad Auctions site.

In order to participate, Those interested must register 48 hours before each auction and then they will be able to enter the selected auction and transfer the deposit.

In this way, the authorization to participate is obtained. Although the auctions are done online, Each buyer must pick up the merchandise at the different dependencies where the products are located or authorize someone to pick it up.

The auction that will take place on Thursday, December 2, is made up of 60 lots that include console games, joysticks and video games on CD. They are products that are stored in warehouses in Barranqueras (Chaco), Clorinda (Formosa), Corrientes, Formosa and Goya (Corrientes), which is why the buyer must withdraw the merchandise in those dependencies or authorize someone to withdraw

Meanwhile, the second auction is made up of 59 lots consisting of cameras, high-end cell phones, smart watches, tablets and notebooks. The auction will take place on Thursday, December 9.

The different lots are found in customs offices in Barranqueras (Chaco), Corrientes, Formosa, Paso de los Libres (Corrientes) and San Javier (Misiones). Therefore, and as in the first auction, buyers will have to remove the merchandise from these premises or authorize someone to remove it.

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