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Luis Advíncula skillfully recovered the ball, but received a shocking kick from Ortega and it all ended in discussion between players in Boca Juniors vs. Vélez Sarsfield in the match of day 22 of the Professional League at the La Bombonera stadium.

A strong conflict was generated in the triumph of Boca Juniors against Vélez Sarsfield shortly after the end. Francisco Ortega committed an inexplicable infraction on the Peruvian side.

Advíncula beat the ‘Fortín’ footballer and, to his annoyance, Ortega kicked the Peruvian without thinking about the ball, for which he ended up with a red card applied by Patricio Loustau.

The xeneize winger was not calm and went to claim Ortega, which ended in a riot between all the players and two more expulsions: Luis Vázquez and Valentín Gómez.

It should be noted that Loustau decided to designate the expulsions at his discretion, without asking for the help of the VAR. Which helped Alan Varela, who went directly to face the already expelled Ortega.

Boca Juniors victory

The ‘Xeneize’ tried to open the scoring from the start, however, only after 79 minutes, did it reach 1-0 at the La Bombonera Stadium.

The play of the goal began by Vásquez who tried to put in a filtered pass, but the ‘Fortín’ defender prevailed. However, the ball was left to Alan Varela who gave it to Javier Morales who was on the left side of the area.

The ‘Xeneize’ youth player received the ball and took a strong shot to overcome the resistance of the goal defended by Leonardo Burián. The goal unleashed the hubbub of the fans of the squad led by Hugo Ibarra, as they are the leaders with 43 units and surpass the second Atlético Tucumán by one point.

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