Adriana Nieto explained that she did not want to kiss Juan Soler in ‘Locura de amor’ because her boyfriend was jealous | Famous

The youth program was the first leading role for the actress. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to launch her to stardom, both for the good reception she had with the audience and for the chemistry she showed on screen with her partner, played by Juan Soler.

However, things ended badly for the promising young soap opera. Rumors began to surface that she was late for recordings, was difficult to work with, and refused to kiss her co-star, arguing that she had alcoholic breath. Faced with these problems, Roberto Gómez Fernández’s production was replaced by Iran Castillo.

Years later, in 2018, he decided to resume his career and little by little he has returned to make a place on the small screen. ‘Like, the legend’, ‘Silvia Pinal, in front of you’ and ‘The pilot’ are some of the projects where he has had the opportunity to once again demonstrate his talent.

Silvia Pinal’s series will address the scandalous and painful moments she lived with her daughters

Now, 21 years after the ‘Locura de amor’ scandals, he had the opportunity to clarify the facts and even publicly reconcile with Juan Soler.

Adriana Nieto and Juan Soler met again years after ‘Locura de amor’

On November 8, the protagonists of the youth soap opera surprised their fans by posing together in a photograph on social networks.

The program ‘Sale el sol’ was in charge of this great reunion, as Adriana was the host for a week and they invited the Argentine to their forum.

There, the actress had the opportunity to clarify some things, such as that for some years she has had a good relationship with whoever was her scene partner, as well as the reasons why she refused to kiss him in front of the cameras.

“I think a lot of things came together, there were many months of recording, a lot of stress, a lot of immaturity on my part, I have also said it, and the truth is that things ended quite badly, it was a shame …”.

She stated that part of the problems on set came from her personal life: “The truth is that at that time I was the girlfriend of my husband, father of my children, and we did have some issues around, and I was quite stressed” .

Fortunately, those problems were left behind and to this day he maintains a good relationship with Soler.

In fact, the Argentine complimented who was his partner:

“You are a great human being, you are a generous woman, you are a brave woman, you are a very talented woman, I always said it, and you know, that you are one of the most talented actresses that I have had to work with,” he told her in the program.

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