Adele confesses in concert about her divorce, her weight loss and new love

On an elegant white stage and with the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles as a backdrop, the British singer performed on Sunday night, Adele, officially kicking off his return to live shows.

Your two hour special, “Adele One Night Only”, which was aired on the chain CBS, it was a combination between the concert and an interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey to discuss his fourth studio album, “30”, that will be released next Friday, November 19, 2021.

The concert recorded at the end of October, which had in the audience real Hollywood stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio, James corden, Drake, Melissa mccarthy, Seth rogen and Lizzo, among others, it included 10 songs by the British and was the ideal vehicle to review the singer’s career, while presenting four songs from her new album.

The special started with the theme “Hello”, and the 33-year-old artist was seen sporting a black mermaid dress. The singer took the opportunity to greet her nine-year-old son Angelo, who was watching her perform live on stage for the first time in his life. “It is the honor of my life, baby, to have you here”, said.

The show continued with its hits “Someone Like You”, “When We Were Young” and “Skyfall”. At the end of this last song, a concert attendee proposed to his girlfriend, at which point Adele sang the song “Make You Feel My Love”, by Bob Dylan.

Later in the “show”, Adele interpreted the songs of her new album, starting with the already known “Easy on Me”, Which became a worldwide success since it was released a few weeks ago. The other songs that were first heard in public were “I Drink Wine”, “Love Is a Game” and “Hold On”, which were full of feeling and very revealing lyrics about the period that the artist spent while composing and recording the new songs.

In-depth interview

Winfrey’s interview, conducted in the same rose garden where she interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, had several very interesting moments in which the singer spoke about her creative process to bring the new album to life, which coincided with several changes in her life like her motherhood and her eventual divorce, among others. Among the most salient topics during the interview were:

Relationship with his father

“The absolute lack of presence and effort of my father with me”, Adele responded to Winfrey’s question about what she is trying to repair within herself. “As I got older, I definitely understood that it was alcohol, it was not a choice that he himself was making … For the last two or three years of my life, my dad got very sick. That happened right after I left my marriage, when I made a conscious decision to get to know myself and figure out a few things. When he died, we had peace together. I felt that huge hole fill up. We forgive each other”.

Crippling anxiety

During the Interview, Adele indicated that she lost about 100 pounds in two years. In fact, the singer confessed to Winfrey that she started exercising to combat “crippling” anxiety attacks and because she had too much time. “It became my moment, having a plan when I had no plans”he explained. The artist revealed that she loves to lift weights and can lift up to 160 pounds.

When asked about her impressive makeover and the mixed reaction that the public has had, the British made her opinion clear. “I am neither surprised nor disconcerted. My body has been considered an object throughout my career. Am I too big? Am I too small? I never admired anyone for their body. It is not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. I’m trying to fix my own life! “

Stability of your ex-husband and your child

I think Simon (her ex-husband) probably saved my life; came at that time. The stability that he and Angelo have given me, no one else could have given me … I could easily go some dodgy ways … He came in and was stable, the most stable person I’ve ever had in my life. Even now I entrust my life to him. I feel like he and Angelo were angels sent to me, ”the singer added to Winfrey.

Her boyfriend Rich Paul

“He is funny. It is so much fun. And very intelligent. He’s very, very smart. It’s pretty amazing to see him do what he does and how easy it is, it’s so smooth. He’s making it easy for me. I’m blushing”, Adele mentioned, while smiling. “This is the first time that I have loved myself and I have been open to love and be loved by someone else.”

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