Adamari wears green dress with which she shows off her beautiful legs

Recently, through her stories, the flirtatious host of the program Un Nuevo Día and also a judge of Así se Baila Adamari Lopez, appeared in a photo next to several friends, curiously all of them were wearing the same dress design.

In the image appears the actress and host Adamari López next to three beautiful women like her, each one is wearing a green dress with which they highlight their charms and show part of their shapely legs.

This one has a fairly deep opening in one leg, the design is extremely flirty and of a beautiful dark green color, because below they are showing a lot in the upper part we see them more covered.

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It was through Instagram in his stories where he appears Adamari Lopez Wearing this flirty garment, it also has long sleeves and the fabric seems to be velvet, just at the height of the hips it has a drape that highlights her waists as well as her hips.

Each of the beautiful women is wearing different footwear, in the case of the driver wears a pair of gold-colored sneakers, they seem to be somewhat low due to the arch of her foot, as for the neck of the dress she forgot to mention that it is high without become a turtle.

Adamai López with a green dress shows off her shapely legs | Instagram adamarilopez

Apparently in their stories López was enjoying a girls’ night with her friends, in another photo in which they appear together, they are about to enjoy a delicious dinner.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent idea when going out with her friends, so they all look like twin sisters with the same outfits, varying footwear and accessories, nothing else.

Although he did not share more details about this striking dinner, according to other publications that have been made it seems that one of them had a birthday and all were celebrating one more year of life.

This beautiful host, actress and model has become quite popular on social networks, currently on Instagram she has 6.4 million followers, her most recent publication was made a day ago and with her she already has 1,136 in total.

Surely at this time Adamari López is preparing for a new gala at Así se Baila, where Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja participated, as well as other important celebrities of entertainment and music.

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