Adamari López and Toni Costa more together than ever, he returned home

After announcing their separation after 10 years of love affair, last June, the Puerto Rican actress, Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa they are more together than ever, as he returned home. This is what he allowed to see through some videos he shared on his social network, where he spent the night at his ex’s house.

In his Instagram Stories, the Spanish choreographer, Toni Costa evidenced that he returned to the beautiful residence that for several years he shared with his now ex-partner, Adamari Lopez, in Miami, Florida, and where they raised their cute daughter Alaïa Costa López.

And it is that, the host of the Telemundo program, Today, did not hesitate to invite his ex to the Thanksgiving celebration that he organized at his home with several friends, who are also friends of Toni.

These videos raised suspicions among their fans and, once again, lit the flame of hope for those who want to see Adamari López and Toni Costa together again as a couple, after having announced that they would be together again as when they fell in love, next Sunday in the semifinal of the dance contest, This is how you dance, where Ada is one of the judges, along with Mariana Seoane and Christian de la Fuente.

There, the ex-partner will rejoin on stage to dance a piece, led, obviously by Toni Costa, which, coincidentally, was precisely how they met and fell in love when the actress of Friends and rivals competed to win on the show Look who is dancing, where the dancer was a coach.

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It was in one of their hot presentations that the chemistry between the two was so noticeable, that at the end of the dance, they couldn’t help it and they kissed, which of course, raised suspicions between them, who were in charge of denying and avoiding for a while , until they announced it, and then they made known the wait for little Alaïa.

However, although everyone hopes that that night they will surprise their return as a couple, the reality is that Adamari Lopez clarified in Today with his partner Chickibaby That, just as they began their relationship on the dance floor of Mira Quien Baila, in the same way they intend to give closure to that stage also by dancing.

The very spoiled little girl on television has said time and again that, despite the fact that there is still love between them, there are stronger reasons that would not allow her to return to the relationship from which it took her so long to decide to end, besides that, Even if they are separated, they will always remain family, so it will not be unusual to see them together on more than one occasion, for the sake of their daughter.

In fact, in the celebration of Thanksgiving, according to the images, they had very little or no interaction, or at least it is not seen in the photos and videos together.

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