Adamari López and Toni Costa boast how they have transformed after their love breakup

Who were one of the couples most loved by the public Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa They do not cease to amaze with all the physical changes that have happened since they made the decision to separate.

The physical change that the presenter of “Today”Has been the subject of headlines because for months he has started a new lifestyle that has allowed him to lose weight and be in harmony with his mind and body.

He has not stopped sharing his hard workouts on his social networks, where he is seen putting all his energy into transforming his body, because now he has looked younger and fresher, showing off tailored clothes that have caused a tremendous sensation among his millions of followers.

But now also Toni Costa He has shared on his Instagram account how his physique has changed, as he has been seen in a video that has left many with their mouths open.

The dancer and choreographer has been seen from the gym where he boasts of his strong arms while using one of the devices, where he shows that he has an excellent physique and also shows himself without his beard so he has driven his fans crazy with the new look, who have been quick to send you their compliments for the comment box.

So beautiful authentic without are the best Toni“,”Every day more handsome and interesting“,”No spectacular beard”, Some of his followers of the social network have commented to him.

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