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Adamari Lopez She is one of the most beloved actresses and conductors in Puerto Rico. At the young age of six, the protagonist of “Camila” began her career in the art world, gaining great fame in a short time. The Puerto Rican was married to the singer Luis Fonsi from 2006 to 2010, and to the dancer Toni Costa during 2011 and 2021, with the latter she had her only daughter named Alaïa, who was born in 2015.

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The March 22, 2005, shortly after announcing her engagement to the interpreter of “Slowly”, López revealed in a press conference that breast cancer was detected, causing a great impact on the audience. Likewise, it was announced that her partner would cancel the musical tour that she had planned that year, to accompany her in the difficult process of her recovery.

In that period of time, the public thought that Fonsi was a great support for the actress during the probably worst stage of her life; however, over time it would become known that it was the opposite.

Adamari López and Luis Fonsi were married for four years (Photo: People)
Adamari López and Luis Fonsi were married for four years (Photo: People)


In an interview with the program “Al Rojo Vivo” in 2013, López opened her heart and recounted the battle she experienced when facing breast cancer. Through tears, the actress revealed that Luis Fonsi made the situation even more complicated, due to the words he ruthlessly said to his face.

Apparently, the drastic physical changes suffered by the Puerto Rican due to the treatment of her illness eliminated the attraction that her husband felt for her:

“He once told me that he did not want me as a woman and I think that was for me one of the hardest moments of the whole process, when the person you love madly tells you that he does not want you as a woman, the world falls, and it is much harder than going through the disease, for me it was like that, I was not prepared for that “, Lopez revealed to Telemundo.


As if knowing the true feelings of her partner was not enough, Adamari also had to face the infidelity of her loved one. In the same interview, the host of “A new day” told how she discovered that Fonsi was cheating on her with another woman:

“I discovered his infidelity because the brush had hairs that were not mine or his”, said López, who at that time was preparing the singer’s travel suitcase.

Mexico was the country that brought them together in 2001 (Photo: People)
Mexico was the country that brought them together in 2001 (Photo: People)


Undoubtedly, the words that her then husband said deeply penetrated her, who despite exercising and eating healthy could not get her “figure” back:

“After getting sick I could never fully recover, I have had my moments where I have been thinner, but I have never regained that figure I had.”

Over time, the actress would discover that her body is more than a few small measures, since it allowed her to overcome cancer and gave her a second chance at life, so she considers it more important to take care of it to have good health, rather than a figure dreamlike.

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