Academy of Medicine awarded the 2021 National Grand Prize for Medicine

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The National Academy of Medicine awarded this Saturday the 2021 National Grand Prize for Medicine to a team of experts for their work on the development and implementation of genomic procedures for the diagnosis of hereditary susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer at the university hospital.

The group is led by Alfonso Cayota, from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Republic (Udelar) and the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo. The rest of the team is made up of Lucía Delgado, Nora Artagaveytia, Noelia Silveyra, Sebastián Ximenez, Gonzalo Manrique, Camila Simoes, Lucía Spangenberg, Hugo Naya, Julia Sanguinetti, Valentina Blanco, Tania Possi, Natalia Camejo, Cecilia Castillo and Sandra Cataldi.

On the other hand, the academy also selected the winning project of the National Public Health Award for the work “Socioeconomic inequalities in the risk of prematurity and fetal growth restriction during the effective control of the covid-19 pandemic in the Uruguayan population” . The authors were Leonel Briozzo – team leader – Stephanie Viroga, Giselle Tomasso, Fernando Filgueira, Virginia Cardozo, Clara Niz, Fernanda Nozar, Hugo Selma, Josefina Tarigo, Analía Grenno, Pablo Gesuele and Daniel Borbonet.

Finally, the winner of the 2021 International Víctor and Clara Soriano Award, led by Fernando Bazzino, was also appointed. This work studies the role of the Honorary Commission for the Fight Against Tuberculosis and Prevalent Diseases (CHLA-EP) in the vaccination strategy against covid-19 in Uruguay.

Together with Bazzino, the investigation was integrated by Catalina Pirez, Teresa de los Ángeles, Marina Monteiro, María Emilia Acosta, Amalia Rodríguez, Gustavo Amor, Allison Galain, Gimena Fernández, Pablo Pérez, Carolina Juan, Álvaro Termebiksietow and Alicia Montano.

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