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Carrie, Margot’s sister, has decided to get married on New Year’s Eve. And to Margot, bridesmaid. She is going to be accompanied by her boyfriend, and she hopes that she will declare herself to him on such a special night. For his part, Griffin is choosing an engagement ring, as he plans to propose to his girlfriend that same night. Everything perfect, right? Well, things are more complicated than it seems.

Adaptation of a play, sitcom in the style of the classic “screwball comedy”, by the Russians Emil Braginskiy and Eldar Ryazanov. It’s somewhat funny, because of a surprising first twist, and because of the way things go at Carrie’s wedding, between Margot and Griffin.

Perhaps in more experienced hands than those of the unknown director, also Russian, Marius Vaysberg, in his first film foray into the United States, things would have had more substance. And that the script has been written by Tiffany Paulsen, who wrote for Emma Roberts, star of the film with Thomas Mann, nancy drew Y calendar love, which allows us to think that he knows how to draft a script thinking of this actress. In fact, she is great, and the evolution of her at her wedding can make us think of her aunt Julia Roberts in My best friend’s Wedding, although the comparisons are odious. In any case, the film looks good, and has some quite successful scenes, around the almost soulmate chemistry of Margot and Griffin.

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