Abinader sets his sights on 24

Yesterday, Abinader launched the electoral campaign cry of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), during an act in which the new authorities of that official organization were installed.

“Don’t look back,” said the president, repeatedly, in a clear message addressed to the mass of voters who will have to go to the polls in 2024.

Abinader warned that the time for the other mandates “has already expired.”

His statements were made during the development of a political session at the “Virgilio Travieso Soto” Sports Palace, where the president made clear his willingness to seek a second presidential term.

During his speech at the event, which had as its purpose the delivery of certificates to the new authorities of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Abinader maintained that this political organization is the result of a democratic vocation contrary to party caudillismo.

Similarly, he stressed that almost two years ago the work and the promise of change made the people turn them into the greatest political force in the country and that today they confirm that the Dominicans knew what they were doing when they were elected to lead the destinies of the Republic. Dominican.

After pointing out that they beat the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) by a lot, the president was emphatic in indicating that the time of that political entity “has passed”, and that “although today they try to deceive us again, we Dominicans have memory and we know that where they are better (the pedeistas) is in the opposition; where they can yell, but they can’t harm people’s lives and take advantage of the government.”

Similarly, Abinader stressed that the other candidates for the presidency in the next electoral event “have the nerve to present themselves with the same faces, the same characters with whom they governed, and they did absolutely nothing for the country.”

Abinader to the opposition
“Let them contribute or leave” was President Abinader’s message addressed to those leaders of political parties who intend to achieve power.

He confessed that previous presidents complain about problems that “they never knew how to solve,” and cited the cases of inflation and crime that, in his opinion, reached record figures in those governments.

He proclaimed before more than 400 people that his government has made the country an example for others.

“We no longer occupy the first places in world corruption, but those of growth and exemplary character,” said the head of state.

The match.

“We are the party that represents all Dominicans, peasants, workers, youth, professionals, women, businessmen. We are everyone’s party. We are the party that best represents the country.”

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