Aarón Díaz boasted how big his daughters are

Aaron Diaz and his beautiful family were last October in Venice Italy, showing the best moments through social networks and showing off how much his daughters have grown: Erin, 8, and Regina, 7.

It was on his official Instagram account that, Aaron starred be a father of a family given in his entirety to his daughtersWell, at no time did he stop flattering them and it is evident how great they are now, he even joked throughout the trip with it.

And it was showing how the little Regina already knows how to write her name and last but not least he ‘pays’ the bills and signs at the request of his father where he himself wrote in the video he took “I knew the day would come when Regina would pay the bills.”

Aarón Díaz boasted how big his daughters are

Aarón Díaz published another photo of his daughters where they are about to get into a red car, jokingly saying that even “Now they handle them.” Without a doubt, Aaron’s dream of having a family is now a reality and he looks happier than ever enjoying each stage.

So he told her in a September post: “ Since I can remember I always dreamed of this, to have a family to whom I dedicate my time and love. Never, not even in my most beautiful dream, was it so magical ”

Aarón Díaz boasted how big his daughters are

Let us remember that the Mexican and his wife, actress and singer Lola Ponce, met while filming the 2012 telenovela El Talismán, and they got married in May 2015, currently live in Miami, Florida.

Aarón Díaz boasted how big his daughters are

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