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If there is something that has attracted the attention of doctors and nurses in recent weeks, it has been the possibility of moving up in their professional categories. While Nursing pushes with more force in its demands to obtain the A1 after the support given by the Ministry of Territorial Policy Public functionthe doctors revive their particular debate, sown in 2019, to be classified as A+. To account for these new, albeit timid, advances in professional health reclassification, we have Adrián Mateos, Olalla Batres and Tania Calahorra in this new episode of ‘La Anamnesis’ by Medical Writing.

The difficulty and scope that it would entail to requalify the nursing group outside the A2– through the Framework Statute– has caused the negotiation between unions and ministerial bodies to be delayed and the deadlines continue to be up in the air.

How much money does a nurse lose being A2?

This reclassification would mean increasing the nursing payroll by 6,000 euros each year but would require a government reimbursement of €1.4 billion in the National Health System (SNS) according to estimates of the General Nursing Council (CGE).

Even so, regional governments such as the Andalusian have spoken out on the matter and assure that, if the measure is carried out, it would not be retroactive and could even exceed the regional powers. Madrid, for its part, asks to follow in the footsteps of Andalusia, and urges the regional Executive to launch a similar initiative to speed up the process.

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Nursing colleges and unions still defend the need to belong to a single category A, with no different subgroups.

For their part, the doctors consider that, if any change is made, it should be extended to the rest of the professions and thus rise in category, depending, they affirm, on the training weight – the Medicine degree is 360 creditscompared to 240 for four-year university degrees- , the level of responsibility and the need to do the MIR and study a specialty.

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