A work on blue spaces and coastal well-being applied to Salou receives a research award

This is a scientific article coordinated by the researchers Alba Font and Mata Nel lo

The scientific article ‘Betting on blue spaces with a view to well-being tourism in coastal destinations: a mixed methodology with locals and tourists involvement’ involvement of residents and tourists) presented by the researchers Alba Font and Marta Nel lo, has been awarded the prize outstanding research by the International Conference TMS Algarve 2022 Sustainability Challenges in Tourism, Hospitality and Management (Algarve, Portugal, November 16-19, 2022).

This work has consisted of applying a methodology to the municipality of Salou, in order to analyze the behavior and extract results. The objective of the project has been to value the benefits that blue spaces bring to health, that is, those that we find in the open air, whether natural or artificial, that have water in a prominent way and that are accessible to visitors. humans in a close or virtual way, being able to see, hear or otherwise feel the water.

The mayor of Salou and president of the Municipal Tourism Board, Pere Granados, has congratulated the researchers for this award. In this sense, he pointed out that “the Salou City Council works to promote the beach, throughout the year, as a high-quality tourist product, since it is a natural blue space par excellence”, which “we allows us to improve the health and well-being of our population and the people who visit us; and at the same time it helps us to deseasonalize the season, through other activities beyond the sun and the beach, such as walking and maritime sports and outdoor».

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