A train derailed in the west and a car crashed into it in the east

August 29, 2023 – 10:44 am

Molnar river

The train accident occurred in both the eastern and western half of the country, according to HVG. Both accidents occurred on Monday afternoon, but recovery took so long that traffic was stopped on Tuesday morning because of them.

The locomotive of a passenger train leaving Veszprem for Győr at 16:30 derailed near Highway 82, at the time of the derailment the train was moving at low speed. Later, the locomotive was raised back, but due to the restoration of the track, which will last until noon on Tuesday, spare buses run between Veszprem and Sierc.

Between Bekescsaba and Sabadquidios, a car repairing the tracks drove too close to the rails and the Maros Intercity train scratched the side of the car. There are no victims here either, but due to technical rescue work, trains will not be allowed to go there until Tuesday morning, here, too, trains will be replaced by a spare bus.

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