A Star Wars story for adults?

Tony Gilroy, creator of Rogue One, says Andor will live independent of the Star Wars universe, in addition to transforming the saga into something much more adult.

In 2016 we met Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) as the leader of a team of rebels whose mission is to steal the plans of the Star of death. And although next to Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) their objective was reached, the rebel squad had to sacrifice themselves to achieve it.

In 2018, lucasfilm began with plans for a prequel to the story of Rogue Onewhich would focus on Cassian and the droid K-2SO. Originally, Tony Gilroy —who co-wrote Rogue One and now writes and directs several Andor episodes—wasn’t involved with the project until the studio decided to send him the script for his opinion.

“It was originally a story where Cassian and K-2 are like Western characters Butch and Sundance, and their plan is to break into the Citadel. But even though the material was fine, it felt like it couldn’t sustain itself in the long run.”

Tony Gilroy for Variety

Before officially joining the project, Gilroy wrote a manifesto where he detailed not only the way in which the initial script did not work, but also proposed a new idea that ended up being consolidated as Andor.

According to Gilroy, Andor It’s something that “It’s never been done in the 45-year history of Star Wars.” Well, beyond focusing only on the character, Andor will follow the intertwined lives of ordinary people in the universe, as they orbit around the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

Although characters like Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) and Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker) will be part of the series, the show features more than 200 actors playing new characters and inhabiting worlds never seen before.


The mission: get away from the Skywalkers

One of the constant criticisms and the reason why Rogue One was a success at the time, is that a large part of the spin-off and series from the Star Wars universe in one way or another they always connect with the same characters: the Skywalkers. Although, the mission of the Gilroy tape does give rise to the mission of the Commander Organa, Rogue One is a story that lives on its own and is not entirely dependent on the battle between Jedi and Sith.

Therefore, Andor It will follow characters disconnected from the main family of the saga: workers, inhabitants of different planets and ordinary people without something remarkablewho have lived through the consequences of every crisis in the galaxy but have never been in the spotlight.

In an interview for Variety, Gilroy commented that “It’s about the real people in the world of Star Wars. Everything that has been done before always revolves around intellectual property that involves the same family, in essence”.

“What has been done is great, but there are a billion other beings in the galaxy. There are plumbers and stylists too, and journalists! How are their lives? How does the revolution affect you? Why not use Star Wars canon as the host for a realistic, passionate, and dramatic story?

Tony Gilroy for Variety

Likewise, the director commented that although important characters will appear for Rogue Onethey will not resort to fan service well “If a character appears it is because they have to be there. She has to work for the story, not just decorate it.”

On the other hand, Gilroy also addressed the intention of making the Star Wars universe something more open and where the public “Be able to watch the show without really caring about Star Wars, or even if you’ve never seen Star Wars before,” since he considers that the essence of both the franchise “It is in the hope, the dream. And it’s what the fans really cling to, the stories that treat the world they love so much as real.”


A story for adults?

The first three series of lucasfilm about the universe of Star Wars on Disney+ they were deliberately made with a family classification, following plots and characters suitable for children. Andoron the other hand, wants to approach the story with a new level of maturity and emotional sophistication that comes through a complex narrative.

“I don’t think it’s a series for 9-year-olds. This is not to say that we don’t hold on to our Star Wars roots, because after all we are still in an adventure story. But there’s also suspense, and in a giant way we’re creating new things.”

Tony Gilroy

It was such a vision that convinced diego luna to return to play Cassian—in addition to being executive producer of the series—, since the actor considers that “It’s the way the rebellion is set up, not about a character who saves everyone. The sense of community is what makes it great.”

The actor Kyle Soller who plays an inspector named Syril Karn, He also commented that the more adult vision of the universe was what he liked the most, and Gilroy’s idea of ​​taking him to the stories of common characters in the galaxy. The actor described the script as “Gloomy and chaotic and something far from anything you’ve seen before in Star Wars.”

The change was well received on the production side, so diego luna commented that:

“Star Wars is growing in ways that it can allow itself to have different expressions. We are not part of a saga that has no end, our end is clear.”

Diego Luna for Variety

Gilroy’s mission with the latest project in which he will participate within the franchise is to continue revolutionizing how audiences perceive Star Wars, for which he remarks that he hopes that Andor “It’s just the beginning of a much bigger evolution.”

Andor will debut with its first three episodes on Disney+ on September 21. Subscribe by clicking here.

What do moviegoers and moviegoers think? Are you already waiting for the premiere of Andor?

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