A security breach in Movistar and O2 exposes the personal data of several thousand clients

Telephone has suffered a security breach, but unlike the cyberattack of 2017, this time it does affect its customers Movistar and O2, since both companies have recognized irregular access to your computer systems.

Apparently the security breach occurred last week but it has not been confirmed by Movistar and O2 until this afternoon when it has notified its customers by SMS and email respectively. From Xataka Móvil we have contacted Movistar, which has confirmed that the security failure has already been solved and only affected around 1% of its customers.

The leaked data still would not have been exploited

The exposed data include basic and identification data, contact details, as well as information about the products and services contracted. For now, it seems that the attackers have not been able to access sensitive information, such as bank details, passwords or the details of the calls made.

To inform its customers, Movistar is sending SMS with the following text:

Hello, this is IMPORTANT. We have detected (and it has already been blocked) an irregular access to our systems from suspicious IPs, which has allowed access to your basic and identification data, contact details, as well as information about the products and services contracted. There is no evidence that said data has been exploited and there has been no access to billing data, or to call details, or to access passwords. If you want more information you can call us at 1004.

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The operator O2, also from the Telefónica group, has chosen to send a somewhat longer email where they explain to their customers what has happened:

We will contact you in relation to relevant information about the privacy of your data.

We have detected unusual activity on our systems through irregular access from unidentified IP addresses. From the moment we detect it, we immediately proceed to block said access and take the necessary measures so that it does not occur again.

However, this has allowed unauthorized third parties to have access to your basic identification and contact data, as well as information about the products and services that you have contracted with us.

In any case and for your peace of mind, we want to confirm that they have not accessed other more sensitive information, such as billing and bank account information, call details, or your username or password to access the My O2 App.

On the other hand, we inform you that we have no evidence that any type of exploitation of the affected data has been carried out, and we want to apologize for the inconvenience that this situation may cause you.

If you have any questions or want more information, you can call us at our free service number -1551-.

All the best

The O2 team

As we said, Movistar has confirmed that the hole “has already been blocked” and both clients and the Data Protection Agency were informed. In addition, the operator reports that they have no proof that the compromised data has been exploited, although this would not rule out that attackers could take advantage of that personal data to carry out phishing attacks.

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