A Russian company designs a luxury iPhone 13 Pro inspired by Elon Musk and made with the metal of a melted Tesla


Nov 26, 2021 16:43 GMT

Along with the phone, the company also presented a bust of the South African-born tycoon made of 100% of the metal parts of the electric car.

The Russian company Caviar, specialized in the commercialization of personalized luxury smartphones, announced the launch of a new iPhone 13 Pro design dedicated to Elon Musk and Tesla.

iPhone 13 Pro Electro is inspired by the “brave concept decisions” of the automaker’s designers. Its metallic color part is made of material obtained from the casting of the body of a Tesla Model 3 and features an engraving of Musk along with his company logo. Also, in the center is a copper plate, the main metal that Tesla uses in the production of its batteries.

They launch a luxury version of the iPhone 12 Pro with pieces of Steve Jobs sweater embedded in the apple logo

The minimum price of the model is about $ 5,400. In total, Caviar plans to manufacture 99 pieces.

Along with the iPhone, the company introduced a bust of Elon Musk 100% made from the metal parts of the cast electric car. The limited series will have just 27 units, which will sell for more than $ 2,600.

“I think both the phones and the busts made of the Tesla car stand out among our standard products,” said Caviar founder Sergei Kitov. “In my opinion, these new models have a particle of the soul of Elon Musk himself, because they will bring their owners success and creativity of this person “.

It is not the first work that Caviar has dedicated to the South African-born magnate. Previously, the Russian company presented the ‘Vizionairs’ collection, which seeks pay tribute to three tech gurus of our time: Musk, the deceased Steve Jobs and Jack Ma, founder and CEO of Alibaba Group.

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