A promoter of the 15N march in Cuba withdraws from the Archipelago after pressure from the political police

The repressive machinery of the Cuban regime continues to try to end by all means with the civic march for change. The intense pressure from State Security on a promoter of the 15N in Guantánamo managed to get him to leave the Archipelago group and his initiative, while another Moderator of the civic platform was questioned in Pinar del Río.

Today, November 11, 2021, I decide to officially withdraw from the civic march initiative of the Archipelago project“, published Leinier Cruz Saldrán in his social networks, after having attended a citation for the National Police unit of Park 24.

On the same Thursday Cruz Saldrán participated online in the program Conclusions of CNN, where the Cuban playwright Yunior García Aguilera, main promoter of the day for the 15N.

“I feel alone here in Guantánamo, I consider that I have no support, people who feel like me identified with this whole movement. In order to preserve my freedom and power in the future dedicate myself to growing personally and professionally, to realizing my life, I I am withdrawing from the Archipelago project, I am withdrawing from the call. For the sake of being able to have a life, to be able to have a future, I make this decision, “he said in a short video posted on his Facebook profile and on Twitter.

Although Cruz Saldrán has received numerous critical comments after its publication, the Archipelago movement itself has expressed their support for the young man.

Because these things do not happen is why we march. You can see the coercion. You’re not alone. Cuba looks. # 15NCuba“wrote a user identified as Raw on Twitter.

“State Security has forced him to say what he has said. Now is when we should most support and understand him. Do not forget: #TodosSomosArchipielago # 15NCuba also for those who will not be able to be, even if they wanted to,” said Pablo Monte.

The activist Saily González Velázquez, who has also been the victim of harassment by State Security and is currently accused of economic crimes, wrote to Cruz Saldrán: “Take it easy, Leinier. We are with you anyway.”

On the other hand, in Pinar del Río, the moderator of the Archipiélago group and psychologist Yahima Díaz was summoned on Thursday to the Consolación del Sur police unit “for an ‘interview’, as part of the police harassment and intimidation actions that the forces repressions are being exercised over those who have declared their decision to participate in the 15N march, “the platform denounced on Facebook.

“Faced with the possibility of being arrested, Yahima, who is a signatory of the letter that she delivered in this town to notify about the march, decided to hold the liturgy of the demonstration in advance,” the group said.

“Yahima left his house dressed in white, walked alone and laid flowers in front of the bust of Apostle José Martí before going to the Police station. We demand the cessation of these harassment actions carried out against Yahima Díaz and other Cuban citizens who only they are exercising their universally recognized right to express themselves and express themselves freely, as well as their immediate release, “Archipiélago added.

The platform specified in another publication that Díaz “managed to record himself while doing his own march.”

Dressed in white, she placed flowers this morning (Thursday) before the bust of the Apostle José Martí. The flowers were immediately removed by a Security agent who followed our moderator“, he pointed.

The young woman was held incommunicado and Archipelago later specified that she was already on her way home, although it did not immediately offer details of what happened during the detention and interrogation of the young moderator.

The Government denied permission to the peaceful march of November 15 under justifications that it always uses to crush citizen initiatives. He described the call as “a provocation” framed in the strategy of “regime change” for Cuba “tried in other countries” and directly accused the United States Government of promoting and financing it.

The Cuban regime routinely denies the ability of opponents, activists, and critical citizens to think and organize for themselves and accuses them of receiving guidance and payment from the United States. in exchange for their activities and statements for democracy in Cuba. At the same time, it attacks them through its propaganda machinery, openly intercepts their private communications and does not give them the right to reply in the state media, the only legal ones on the island.

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