A player creates 2000 pieces of cheese in Skyrim with an absurd goal

This Skyrim player found it amusing to accumulate over 2,000 pieces of goat cheese.

A player creates 2000 pieces of cheese in Skyrim with an absurd goal

The players of the most recognized franchises around the world -even those that are independent- never cease to amaze us when it comes to achieving their goals. Among them, we have those who have achieved memorable records or impressive feats -even for other equally dedicated players-; others have made interesting discoveries during their explorations in the open worlds; a large number of modders have given their own touch and experience to their favorite games; and there are even those who dedicated themselves to revealing point by point what the deliveries are made of (and, yes, this implies finishing the established missions and, after that, looking for all the possible details that may exist in the titles).

But the motives of the players can sometimes be a bit peculiar, like their goals. And this is the case of an Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player who decided it would be fun to spawn over 2,000 Skyrim goat cheese wheels and share the experience with the community.


Skyrim players have their purposes too

Despite the fact that there are so many opportunities to take advantage of the gameplay of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim -within what is possible, given the time that has passed since its launch-, it is true that what has really kept the title alive are the multiple mods and content that allow its fans to perform tasks that would not have been possible before. However, it seems that fans are struggling to find other ways to pass the time in the open world.

Of course, it is logical that players pay attention to the smallest details of Skyrim, therefore, this has given rise to the funniest and most curious anecdotes circulating on the internet. And, as you have read before, one player spent their time saving around 2,000 wheels of goat cheese in the game. The motives? just leisure.

Of course this fact shocks anyone who has not played enough Skyrim. The reason is that the fact of seeing a wheel of cheese anywhere on the map could be something completely random and of little importance. And, on the contrary, the most inexperienced players would be more concerned with the story and would concentrate on the game’s missions, forgetting that the cheeses are only part of the details. But those who have been playing Skyrim since its release in 2011 have developed a fondness for this consumable item.

And the latter we can check in different online forums, where netizens have been sharing content about goat cheese wheels in Skyrim, for example, modifying some other objects to look like cheese or just randomly filling spaces with the item.

So it’s no surprise that user BakedPotatoYT1, the fan who pulled off the “feat,” shared a screenshot on Reddit showing off his impressive wheel of goat cheese. In the description of the image he explains that it is made up of 2,000 pieces and the capture is proof of his claim. Of course, it will be very difficult for other users to verify this by counting them one by one, since they are organized in a small space, as you can see below:


The Skyrim fan only specified the number his collection amounted to, however, did not reveal the reasons why he decided to collect so many wheels of cheese in his Skyrim game. And quickly members of the Reddit community gave some possible explanations for the image in the comments of BakedPotatoYT1’s post. One of them commented that he was happy that it was just a hobby, while another talked about the quality of the lighting in the image that the Skyrim fan shared, to which the latter replied with the names of the respective mods and settings you used to give it a more “realistic” effect.

There are tons of goat cheese wheels available to any collector in Skyrim, so it’s very likely that in the future someone will want to break BakedPotatoYT1’s record or make their own creations out of them, as, as we’ve seen, fans of Skyrim really appreciate the content related to the wheel of cheese. In the meantime, they could surprise us later with the creativity and dedication that Skyrim fans are known for.

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