A nod from Rockstar Games? They found an alleged GTA VI clue in the studio’s Christmas greeting


The fans of Grand Theft Auto they are looking everywhere for clues about the GTA VI release and they suspect that they managed to find something in a message from the official Rockstar Twitter. The American developer published a message congratulating its fans on the holidays, but within the shared image there is a curious inclusion that sparked the rumors.

The message appears to be a common animated card that encompasses the Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption franchises, and other games the studio has worked on. The images show how different ornaments begin to light up and show shapes of grenades, knives, pills and the Rockstar Games logo. But among the details that light up, fans noted that there is a curious helicopter that they could not recognizeeven after comparing it with the models of all editions of the GTA.

A content creator specializing in Rockstar Games pointed out the similarities of the helicopter models.
A content creator specializing in Rockstar Games pointed out the similarities of the helicopter models.

Everything changed when a user realized that the shape belonged to a Miami-Dade police aircraft, a model used by the state authorities in which the story of GTA VI would be inspired, which would return to the fictional city of Vice City. From this clue, many fans continued to look for similarities in the helicopter models and began to hope that this greeting means that the Grand Theft Auto will have a release for some time in 2023.

For now the developer has not confirmed any of the suspicions nor has he referred to his greeting in particular, so what is officially known about the game is that it continues in production without a specific release date.

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