A new clue indicates that Marvel Studios could develop Eternals 2

Despite the fact that the first part did not go very well, there have been various rumors about the possibility that Marvel Studios will finally develop Eternals 2.

Eternals was a film released by Marvel Studios in 2021, being one of the first releases to arrive after the pandemic. It was part of Phase 4 of Marvel Studios and was directed by Chloé Zhao. The film drew a lot of attention, especially for the great cast it included, with names like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Barry Keoghan and Richard Madden. Finally, the film received all kinds of reviews and mixed opinions, which has led us to think that a sequel is not exactly in the plans.

However, a while ago one of the cast members hinted that Eternals 2 would be a reality, which somewhat surprised the audience. In fact, there are not too many details that have emerged in this regard. And in the events in which Marvel Studios has participated, at no time has it even been mentioned that Eternals 2 may be in development. In the midst of the Multiverse Saga, it would be interesting to know the role that this group of characters could play.

Marvel Studios would be developing Eternals 2

The management agency of Don Lee, the actor who was in charge of representing Gilgamesh in Eternals, published a statement announcing the upcoming projects in which the actor will be involved. We are talking about films from the year 2023 onwards and among these is Eternals 2 listed. The Twitter account, Eternals Updates, presented a translated version of this list and indicates that Lee is currently filming Criminal City 4 before indicating that Eternals 2 is planned to be produced. :

As the production of the drama ‘Hive’ is still unclear, Ma Deong-seok is in discussions and plans for some movies and dramas scheduled for production next year. Ma Deong-seok is currently filming ‘Criminal City 4’. ‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters’, ‘Wilderness’ and ‘Criminal City 3’ are about to be released and ‘Eternals 2’ and other global projects in which she will appear are in production plans.

The truth is that although for many a sequel to Eternals is not necessary, the film left some open points in its plot, so it seems inevitable that Eternals 2 will be made. Among these points is the appearance of Eros, played by Harry Styles, in the post credit scenes of the film. It looks like Eternals 2 will be made official sooner rather than later.

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