A NASCAR driver performs a daredevil stunt he learned in NASCAR 2005

Ross Chastain, a driver who has participated in the NASCAR Xfinity 500, has performed a maneuver that has left all driving fans speechless during the last lap of the competition. As reported from Kotaku, Chastain reached a high speed and purposely crashed his vehicle into the wall that separates the track with the stands from the public to move from tenth to fifth place and get through to the next phase of the championship. Curiously, the pilot has thanked the learning of this reckless technique to a GameCube game.

“I played a lot NASCAR 2005 on the Nintendo GameCube I had growing up,” Chastain said during a post-race interview. “You could get away with [en el juego] and I never knew if it really worked. I mean, i did it when i was eightChastain also admitted that he was not entirely sure who was in the lead and that he informed his team before making the decision to recreate the maneuver that can be performed in the speed video game. The pilot recounted that once he put against the wall “let go of the steering wheel” and that prayed to avoid colliding with any element of said wall. Chastain said he was “willing to do it” to secure a spot in the NASCAR Championship.

They have not managed to replicate the maneuver in a game

Shortly after this case went viral, Chase Briscoe, a teammate of his in NASCAR, shared a video on Twitter in which you can see that he successfully tried to replicate the Chastain maneuver. On the other hand, a professional simulation pilot shared the video that you can see below in which he imitates the maneuver in iRacing, a racing simulator with a hyper-realistic look.

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