A meeting was held at the Military Medical Directorate (Main Logistics Directorate) to review the implementation of the Law.

Speaking at the conference, Colonel Ngo Van Chinh, political director of the Military Medical Bureau, confirmed that he is deeply aware of the position, role and significance of the Law on Officers of the People’s Army of Vietnam. The committee, commanders of the Military Medical Bureau, party committees, and commanders of all levels of the Military Medical Bureau focused on good understanding and implementation of the Law on Officers of the Vietnam People’s Army, which has been repeatedly amended and supplemented. 2008 and 2014, as well as detailed documents regulating the implementation of the law for cadres, party members and the masses, especially officers at all levels, created positive changes in both awareness and responsibility in the area of ​​the law implementation process.

At the conference, comments spoke of difficulties, obstacles and shortcomings in the implementation of the law; analyze and evaluate the compliance of the law and relevant legal documents, problems and shortcomings in implementation and propose specific solutions and solutions.

The opinions at the meeting stated that for equivalent positions and ranks: It is proposed to study and upgrade equivalent ranks from battalion commander, battalion politician to the equivalent of deputy regiment commander, deputy regimental political officer for department heads; Head of the warehouse department of 2 departments Warehouse 706 and Faculty 708; Head of the Department of Technical Logistics of the Units of the Military Medical Directorate; Head of the material and technical department of the Military Institute of Preventive Medicine. It is proposed to upgrade the equivalent ranks from Company Captain, Company Politician to the equivalent position of Battalion Commander, Political Assistant Battalion Politician under the command of the Institute of Radiological Medicine and Cancer. Southern Military Institute of Preventive Medicine; Army Forensic Medical Institute; financial assistant; Assistant to the Department of Technical Logistics of the Military Medical Directorate. Political department assistant (depot 706 and warehouse 708).

For the military rank ceiling: Raise the military rank ceiling from Major General to Lieutenant General for the rank of Director of the Military Medical Department. Paragraph 4 of Article 19 of the Regulations on the Vietnam People’s Army and Military Medical Service clearly states that “The Chief of the Military Medical Bureau has the right to mobilize the forces and means of all military medical units of the entire army to serve in the service of the Vietnam People’s Army and military medical service.” services.” army. “military service, rescue of the wounded and sick, prevention of epidemics among people”; perform the functions of state management of medical work in the Army. Therefore, the head of the Military Medical Department has a maximum rank equivalent to units of the military medical industry (Military Medical Academy, 108 Central Military Hospital).

Speaking at the conference, Lieutenant General Do Van Tien asked the military medical department to continue to carefully understand and strictly implement the Vietnam People’s Army Officers Law, its resolutions, decrees, circulars and guidelines for the implementation of the law; to promote propaganda, education and awareness-raising of officers so that they can firmly grasp the main content of the law and its governing documents, creating a consensus in its implementation; duly and fully comply with the regulations in force in relation to officers and their relatives, ensuring their devotion to the cause and attention …

News, photo: MAI TAM

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