a matter of low intensity and no ability to react

Christian Pulisic’s response was overwhelming. It wasn’t the message on his shirt (“Man in the mirror”). It was the security with which he finished off inside the area to beat Memo Ochoa, who provoked the Chelsea forward with his statement before facing the United States: “Mexico has been that mirror in which they want to see themselves and reflect and want to copy.”

El Tri looks for solutions after making mistakes. Martino can recognize them as many times as necessary, but the challenge for any coach is precisely that act of premonition: react in time when the team cannot find a way out, and against the United States he had several signs, nothing confusing.

In his press conference after suffering the third defeat against the United States, the Tata marked the “decrease in intensity” as the origin of the change of roles, since Mexico had three approaches (Álvarez, Lozano and Corona) in the first half , and in the second he failed to get close to the rival goal.

The “intensity” then increased in the United States game in the second half. In total, Mexico made four shots on goal, while the United States made five and hit two. The problem is the attempts. Mexico only made eight attempts, while Berhalter’s made 18.

Ochoa fulfilled after 70 minutes and an improvised defense. The lack of coordination between ‘Cata’ Domínguez and Johan Vásquez was evident. Their backs beat them several times, while the wings constantly suffered to slow down the momentum of Weah and Robinson, commanded by the dynamism of Adams and the absolute efficiency of McKennie.

Mexico has an excellent finisher, top in Europe: Raúl Jiménez. But a center never reached him, despite the fact that the ‘Lobo’ tried to make the trident work with the ‘Chucky’ and ‘Tecatito’, he could never stand in front of the goal, as his teammates did once each, only that they failed.

And the United States, ironically, found the goal with a shot from Pulisic in the small area, where Guillermo Ochoa was looking for a mirror and only found his reflection: defeated and with no options to react, because the “intensity” had completely passed from the side. from the United States and its 26 thousand fans at the TQL Stadium, without cold, without a doubt.

The 2-0 was more than anecdotal. Because McKennie walked in and gave the pretext to all the detractors of Mexico to celebrate one more victory. The American label in its intense rivalry against the United States. “Two to zero”, one more. Incontestable.

Finally, in the search for answers, for exits, Martino avoided individual judgment, even though ‘Tecatito’ Corona is the most obvious case of loss of play, that there is a serious lack of vision in the use of the wings and that Edson Álvarez cannot be the only one who plays with intensity, because he will end up sent off in each game, the same as ‘Chaka’ Rodríguez.

It seems late for Martino to look for alternatives. He is very clear about the squad he wants to use, but the talent is still wasted because there is no one who can get the best out of those who can make a difference: Alexis Vega, Uriel Antuna, Sebastián Córdova, the ‘Piojo’ Alvarado, Luis Romo, Orbelín Pineda … and those who never turn to see will continue to be ignored despite the fact that they are living a better time: the ‘Avión’ Ramírez, the ‘Hueso’ Luis Reyes or Omar Campos.

Mexico must turn the mirror around and look for its reflection: a country of tradition and a lot of talent, to put it at the service of the team. Even if this means dispensing with the figures …

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