A man was shot in the head near Rennes

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In Bobec-la-Rosière near Forge-le-Haut, a man, angry that his cement mixer is not working, grabs a gun and fires several shots.
The bullet that injured this man, who lives in Cesson-Sévigne near Rennes, was fired from a 22 Long Rifle. (© Photo illustration actu.fr)

Facts took place Sunday, July 23, 2023 Around 11:00 am, firefighters from Rennes were called to help the 19-year-old man. seriously injured in the face. The victim, who lives in Séson-Sevignewas shot hunting rifle.

random shot

Contacted News Rennes, police officers confirm facial injury and trail of an accident in this case. Philip AstrucThe prosecutor of Rennes clarifies that the tragedy occurred the day after the evening with friends.

The son of the owner of the house, born in 2004, explained that he spent the evening with friends, went to a nightclub and, returning home, after discussing weapons with a friend, took the 22 Long Rifle that was above the closet and picked it up (…) a shot was fired in the direction of the victim, as a result of which an eye was injured.

Philip AstrucProsecutor of Rennes

The victim was urgently taken to the Chu. Works on Sunday his life expectancy still perfect, this Monday, July 24, 2023

alcohol shooter

Philippe Astruc clarifies that the shooter without judicial precedent was alcohol positive AND to drugs.

The man was taken into custody under the category of violence with the use of weapons. “In the evening, this measure had to be canceled due to the state of health of the defendant, which required his hospitalization,” the prosecutor adds.

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