A la motomami, this is how the weather girl looked on Instagram

Yanet García became famous in the weather section of the morning newspaper Hoy, from Televisa.  (Infobae)
Yanet García became famous in the weather section of the morning newspaper Hoy, from Televisa. (Infobae)

yanet garcia demonstrated why he earned the nickname of the “sexiest weather girl in the world” with their latest posts that they put to instagram to the limit of censorship.

In the last few hours, the host, model and actress turned upside down Meta’s social network with a Photographs that seems taken from his OnlyFans profile. in which he alluded to the singer Rosalía for her look to the motomami.

In his most recent post, Yanet García poses in front of a window, wearing a white shirt and transparent lingerie. “It is more important to care about the person than to be right,” she wrote next to the photo of him.

In the post before that, “The Mexican Weather Girl” The temperature of Instagram rose even more posing in a more “natural” environment wearing only a tiny green bikini.

To calm things down a bit on the partner network, yanet garcia Uploaded one more post: a video showing the beautiful sunset in New York City in United States. “All we have is now,” she commented as she joined the recording.

yanet garcia is one of the personalities of the show who knew how to jump from television to the internetshe remains active on social networks and always consents to her almost 15 million Instagram followers with your posts.

Yanet Cristal García San Miguel, better known as Yanet García, She is a Mexican model and television presenter.a, known for presenting the weather.

Yanet García was born on November 14, 1990, in Monterrey, Nuevo León. She began her show career at a very young age, when she was barely in her twenties. dabbling in modeling, even writing in beauty contests, without much importance.

It was not until 2015 when Yanet García joined the ranks of Televisa Monterrey, where he gave the weather news. Little by little, she began to gain relevance on regional television and later achieved fame throughout Mexico.

Yanet García during her time at Televisa.  (Screenshot)
Yanet García during her time at Televisa. (Screenshot)

The name of Yanet García began to sound outside of Mexico when international media such as TMZ Y Playboy they made notes about her calling her as “the sexiest weather girl in the world”. It was then that his fame exploded.

At the beginning of 2018, Yanet García moved from Monterrey to the Mexico City, where Televisa He added it to his main morning show Hoy doing his specialty: presenting the weather.

After almost two years of being part of the Hoy team, Yanet García said goodbye to the program and went to work in the United States in Univision.

Yanet García has ventured into the internet not only in traditional social networks, where she has millions of followers, but also in onlyfansthe platform where celebrities share exclusive content, mainly risquéfor a monthly subscription of a few dollars.

the body of "The prettiest girl in the weather" It seems perfect, but there are those who criticize it endlessly.  (Photo: Instagram)
The body of “The Prettiest Girl in the Weather” seems perfect, but there are those who criticize her endlessly. (Photo: Instagram)

Yanet García was not spared from the controversies, one of them was when they hacked her Instagram account and shared private images of the model, in addition, they uploaded stories from her profile where asked his followers to download an app With the promise of sharing an intimate video of the presenter, luckily she was able to recover her account.

Being a beautiful woman, Yanet García receives constant criticism about her body, haters on social networks point to the model to achieve her figure through surgeries, however, She assures that this has been obtained through the gym.

Yanet García has no problem sharing photos from previous years and showing the change her physique has undergone in all this time and encourages people to exercise and be disciplined to get the body they want.


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