A fan art shows us the most daring version of Mencía from Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon remains in the heart of more than one fan of the franchise and with this we can mention the animated series, as well as the different video games we grew up with, some of the most striking without a doubt are pokemon red and bluewhich have marked a present that allows us to continue enjoying the franchise with its most recent installment of Pokemon Scarlet and Purpleso some fans have a great appreciation for the trainers and Pokémon, which have been appearing over the years.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that some video game fans often make amazing tributes in the form of fan arts of their coaches and favorite pokemonto the extent that today we will see a design that manages to recreate one of the most beloved trainers currently by fans of the ninth generation.

Pokémon is one of the most beloved sagas in the video game industry, so it is normal that some designers and cartoonists often want to express their affection with the creation of unique fan arts, as could be the case of a fan art of mencia of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in the purest style High-res version.

We must mention that this fan art can be a bit risque, although in truth it manages to maintain all the essence of the beloved franchise, this is the case of a version of Mencía that leaves aside the graphics of the Nintendo Switch and presents it to us in a much improved style and that has stolen the gaze of more than one fan of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

For those who are not into the franchise or the Pokémon Scarlet and Purple installments, we tell you that this female character in her most attractive version is the champion of the Paldea Pokémon League when you start your adventure. Mencía is a young girl with brown skin, orange eyes, long black hair with a green lock in front.

His clothing consists of a light bluish-white short-sleeved shirt with a golden coat of arms on the left shoulder, an orange tie and shorts of the same color with lighter lines and a dark blue cord, on his right arm he wears a glove without red and black fingers, wears long black stockings and wears red sports shoes with white soles. She carries a black cross-body backpack with red decorations.

This version of Mencía has not missed the opportunity to show us how beautiful it is, even by modifying its appearance a bit and showing us a design that will surely leave more than one with their mouths open. A fan art made by the artist Zumidraws, who has once again shown all her talent, so we recommend that you see her designs on her official Instagram account.

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