A departure that hurts fans of Anichka Lishkova from the Street: Luba Krbova wants to leave the series after 18 years

Lyuba Krbova sometimes gives in to emotions and heart, sometimes she considers changes rationally.

Lyuba Krbova sometimes gives in to emotions and heart, sometimes she considers changes rationally. Mikaela Feyereyslova

August 29, 2023, 2:23 pm

Lyuba Krbova is inextricably linked with the series “Street”. Fans have seen her as Anichka Lishkova for 18 long years. Now she decided she needed to slow down. The actress does not finish completely, but asked the writers for a freer mode so that she would have more time for the theater. In the story, a change in life awaits her: she leaves her bistro to look after the children in the orphanage.

We asked the actress how she is coping with the changes in her life. “I like things that give pleasure to some continuity. Considering that in The Street I am a bit like a long-term engagement, so we agreed with the writers that I would be in the rotation. Not so often in the story. I think it will be great to come back with a strong story and an interesting plot,” said Super.cz.

Have there ever been drastic cuts in her life? “It is necessary to clarify whether a person is interested in a radical reduction. And if so, then there is no point in persisting in something. That’s how I ended up at the engagement. If a person, whether it’s a job or a relationship, doesn’t suit him or touch him, it’s better to end it. Then he will have a chance to start something new.”

There were very bold scenes in the film “The End of Old Times”. Lyuba Krbova showed her breasts, Somr showed her ass

We wondered if he carefully considers the changes, does he hesitate? “After all, I am an actress and an emotional woman, so there are times when I give in to my emotions and my heart. Again, there are situations when I rationally weigh all the pros and cons,” Krbova explained.

In May of this year, she and her husband, writer and journalist Ondřej Neff (78), celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their acquaintance. At the same time, in early July, she had semicircles. How did they get all this?

“We don’t like big parties, we say we have small parties every day,” he laughs. “We enjoy the time when we can talk, walk the dog or go on a trip. In fact, we prefer these everyday holidays to lavish holidays,” Luba Krbova told Super.cz.

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