A car drove off a bridge in Prague. Helicopter came to the rescue

The accident happened on Chernokosteletska street at about four o’clock in the afternoon. “Together with the rescuers and the police, we intervene in the accident of a car that went off the bridge. We released the driver and handed her over to the rescuers,” said Martin Kavka, a representative of the Prague fire brigade.

“After the collision of two cars, one of them went downhill. A police helicopter landed on the spot because of the wounded man,” police spokesman Richard Hrdina told Novinka.

Jana Postova, a spokeswoman for the Prague rescuers, said the 70-year-old woman was very lucky in the accident. All this time she was conscious, the doctors assisted her on the spot and took her to the hospital.

The railway administration announced that traffic on the Prague-Malešice and Prague-Hostivar sections is limited until 17:30.

Photo: HZS Prague

Firefighters pull out the car

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