A 22-year-old man was fatally stabbed in Rios in Haute-Sona.

The facts happened around 22:00 on Tuesday, August 2, in Rios, in Upper Sonja. A 22-year-old young man was stabbed in the chest in a house on Rue Charles de Gaulle. Firefighters were called by a neighbor. Quickly arrived at the scene, they were unable to resuscitate the victim, who had cardiac and respiratory arrest.

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Quarrel over money debt

The author of the blow or blows is 44 years old, lives in the city. Still there, when help arrived, he was arrested by the gendarmes and placed in police custody. The victim lived in Kenosha, a few kilometers away. He was known to the youth of Rios. and played football, explains Nadine Vanz, mayor, joined by France Bleu Besançon. The latter went there in the evening. The victim’s family was also present.

The exact circumstances of the tragedy are currently unknown. The tone between the two men would rise because of the money debt. “Such a murder first in Rios. Whatever he did is a tragedy for a young man at that age. We do not deserve such a death for a ridiculous amount of money. It’s a waste”continues elected.

The tragedy occurred on Charles de Gaulle street in the center of Rioz.
The tragedy occurred on Charles de Gaulle street in the center of Rioz. © Radio France
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Red and white roses were filed this Thursday, August 3, in front of the house where the young man was killed. The people in the city are in shock. Most refuse to speak. “I’m just beginning to realize the gravity of what happened.– comments Leyla, who runs a barbecue, located a few meters from the scene of the tragedy. We are almost at the end of the service. Between clients and comings and goings, we knew what was going on.”

An investigation has been launched to research brigade of the gendarmerie of Vesoul.

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