86% of Spanish professionals are more concerned about their well-being as a result of the pandemic

86% of Spanish professionals are more concerned about their well-being as a result of the pandemic

This upward trend has led the restaurant chain Rodilla and Nara, a digital health brand, to collaborate again to promote healthy lifestyle habits for citizens.

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11:00 – November 14, 2021

86% of Spanish professionals

Leading a healthy life has become one of the greatest concerns for Spaniards after the pandemic. 86% give it more importance now than before, and 63% eat healthier than in 2019, according to data from the NPD Group. On the other hand, there are already 6 out of 10 Spaniards who opt for local products as they perceive them as more respectful with the environment and beneficial for the local economy.

To meet the new needs of your customers, the restoration chain Knee and the digital health brand Nara They have launched a new joint collaboration to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

Through participation in a contest on social networks, the clients of both companies will be able to access the subscription with three free months of the Plan Vida Sana de Nara, which offers digital health with free and unlimited services such as video consultation of general medicine or chat with specialists, and a bonus of 4 free salads from Rodilla. The contest will take place on Instagram and Facebook and will consist of posting a video or photo under the theme ‘A healthy family moment’. In addition, the download of the Healthy Habits Guide developed by Nara and Knee will award extra points.

This joint action, which will begin in November and extend over a month, aims to promote healthy family life habits and help citizens to incorporate guidelines for a healthier life in their day to day .

With the Healthy Life Plan, Nara covers the need of people who care about their well-being and seek flexible access to private healthcare. Rodilla salads, for their part, are an example of the nutritional diversity for which they advocate, with a wide portfolio of products made in an artisanal way every day in the stores.

Rodilla and Nara already joined forces at the beginning of 2021, when they jointly elaborated the Guide to Healthy Habits and Nutrition that they are now offering to their clients again and which includes advice related to a balanced diet, rest, hygiene, mental balance or social relations, among others.

Listen to the customer

Both companies share the philosophy of “100% customer orientation”. That is why they work to continuously respond to their needs and to offer them new value propositions. This strategy of active listening to its customers, both on online and offline platforms, culminates in this synergistic action between both companies.

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