80 years of the Amazon warrior-Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter and the virtues of the messianic heroine

Wonder Woman: 80 Years of the Amazon Warrior-Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter, and the Virtues of the Messianic Heroine. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your career?

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The ECC editorial tells us about its comic:

Celebrate the history of comics with the 80th anniversary of All Star Comics no. 8 and the debut of Wonder Woman! Enjoy 400 pages of curated stories spanning eight decades of the Amazing Amazon, from her classic first appearance to the present day! Includes: Over 100 pages of recolored material, a “lost” history of the Golden Age never before collected from DC Special no. 3, comments and historical notes of the cartoonist Trina Robbins, the first woman to draw a Wonder Woman story; from the director of wonder-woman Patty Jenkins; and of the women who have played Wonder Woman on screen Gal Gadot Y Lynda Carterand much more!

Original Edition: All-Star Comics no. 8, Sensation Comics no. 1, Wonder Woman (vol. 1) nos. 5, 78, 98, 124, 162, 203 and 206, Comic Cavalcade no. 11, DC Special no. 3, DC Comics presents no. 41, Wonder Woman (vol. 2) nos. 6, 57, 73 and 170, Wonder Woman Annual no. 1 (Excerpt), Wonder Woman no. 600 (excerpt), Wonder Woman (vol. 4) no. 23, Wonder Woman no. 750 (Excerpt), Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman nos. 1-2 US.

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