8 premieres of movies and series for the weekend (August 1 – 7)

We have a new list of movie and series premieres This week you can’t miss it.

Brad Pitt, Bad Bunny and Buzz Lightyearr star in the big premieres this week, in addition to the arrival of a movie based on a miraculous rescue and a new series that comes from the comics of Neil Gaiman.

Do you never know what movies and series to watch on the weekend? You are not the only one, but for this we have an infallible selection with everything that arrives (or was released during the week) on the different streaming platforms, so go get the popcorn, prepare your favorite chair and enjoy a few hours entertainment of all genres.

The weekend is to recharge batteries, relax, stop thinking about work and the office, and to achieve that it is a good idea to watch all the films Y series (fantasy, horror, drama and documentaries) that have been on your radar during the week, but that you had not been able to see because you were too busy working and finishing pending as if there was no tomorrow.

Now many different things are released every week (Netflix even promised a new movie every weekend) and luckily, most of those new releases come on those days when you don’t have to go to work, can wake up as late as your body allows, and be as unproductive as possible. it seems to you Whether it’s at the movies or streaming, there’s always something to watch.

The best thing about this weekend in particular? Bullet Train It is the premiere that you cannot miss in cinemas, but you must also see the new Ron Howard about a rescue in Thailand, a new Apple TV+ movie about bad luck, and a series featuring the ruler of the dream world.

Movies with the best reviews, series and special programs, your weekend schedule has just been filled with hours and hours of entertainment. These are the premieres of movies and series that you cannot miss.


Bullet Train (Cinemas)


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