8 foods that raise cholesterol and that you should avoid at all costs

If you have been detected in an analysis that your cholesterol is high and the doctors have recommended that you eat a healthier diet, you may have doubts about what foods you should or should not eat. To do this, we have turned to the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) to find out which are those foods that raise cholesterol the most and of which it would be advisable to reduce or cut their consumption to avoid a major problem in the long term.

According to the General Secretary of FEC, Ignacio Fernández, around a 50-55% of the Spanish population presents this problem, something that can be aggravated if we do not remedy it in time. It’s not nonsense. High cholesterol can end up clogging blood vessels and disrupting the circulatory system.

1. Sugary products

This group includes all those products that contain high concentrations of sugar and saturated fat, which affect the functioning of the system. industrial pastries, ultra-processed and highly sugary products are the ones that would be included under this label. Do not forget that a high percentage of blood sugar can cause cholesterol, or what is the same, bad cholesterol to be much more violent.

According to him Medical Institute of Morbid Obesity (IMEO) Industrial pastries have a lot of sugar, which can make the increase in cholesterol even more noticeable. Ultra-processed products are not far behind either, as they generate an addiction that leads us to eat them compulsively and contribute to increasing bad cholesterol levels.

2. Whole dairy

Another of the foods that you should start on your shopping list is dairy, specifically, those that contain whole milk, since it has a large dose of saturated fat. Instead, you can use skimmed milk. Something that can also be applied to other dairy products, such as yogurt, cream, cheese and butter, which are usually made with whole milk. To have a healthy life it would be recommended that you start using skimmed products.

3. Cheeses to alleviate cholesterol

Something similar happens with cheeses. Those who are most healed (Gouda, Parmesan, Brie) They are the ones most likely to raise bad cholesterol levels. Instead, you can use cottage cheese, mozzarella, or feta.

4. Red meat

Even if it costs you, red meats have high saturated fats and are not healthy for your body. Health experts recommend replacing them with white meat without skin, such as turkey, chicken or rabbit. Also, choose lean cuts, that is, those that have a low amount of fat. Among these lean cuts, the most recommended are: tenderloin, sirloin, skirt, fillet, steak and rump.

5. Cold cuts and sausages

Another group of foods that are going to become part of the black list. To this group belong salchichón, chorizo, mortadella, black pudding and fuet. These types of products have a high level of fat and salt. Many consume it in their diet on a daily basis and they are not healthy at all.

6. Offal and innards

Corns, livers, kidneys or entrails are rich in vitamins A, D and B12. However, they have a lot of cholesterol and a large amount of saturated fat, which makes them great enemies for cholesterol.

7. Seafood

Not everyone has the same cholesterol level. It is advisable to avoid cuttlefish, prawns, prawns, lobsters, langoustines, crabs, squid… Or at least that their use is not recurrent.

8. Eggs

Cholesterol is mostly concentrated in the yolk, so the white does not contain cholesterol. Although its high protein value makes it an essential food in the diet. For this reason, the health authorities recommend eating several eggs a day, although in this case the ideal would be to eat only the white.

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